Monday, February 7, 2011

Random Things.

My hours have picked back up, which is a great thing. I'm going to need the money and once things are a little more concrete I'll go into detail. If we've spoken then you may already know.

There is a new manager at my job, which means I need to start looking for a new place to work. Him and I are not vibing well and I don't plan on trying to get along with him. The crazy thing is that I've only met him once.

I'm still screwing the Nice New Guy, which means I'm still talking to him. Its not in me to be a complete bitch to him. He doesn't deserve it, plus I like him. Things are easy with him.

School...Not much to say here. I'm in another math class and so far I'm doing waaaaay better than I did last block, but I'm sure this last week will fuck that up. I'll get it together though, I promise.

Hair- Ive been thinking seriously about colouring my hair red in a few months. Its about time for me to have a new edgy look. I hate blending in.

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